task 05

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Brandon Brown



Riccardo Boglione

cycle 5 task 05, Riccardo Boglione

Robert Fitterman

This one goes out to you, Brandon.

Sophia Le Fraga

cycle 5 task 05, Sophia Le Fraga, “Lieber wütend als traurig”

Kristen Gallagher

I find it hard to believe that Bieber was as reactionary in the autumn of 1953 as his ”Mona Lisa” suggests — but then I wasn’t there. Neither were the painters of the portrait, who reportedly based the image on Mona Lisa’s experience with Hillary Clinton at Wellesley in the early 1960s. What the painting lack in historical accuracy, it makes up for in its prescience. The image shows a young punk ass Bieber at the point of his total eclipse of Mona Lisa, who became famous for her teaching that, above all, a woman’s duty is to stand behind her man, and to replace her own face with his, which Bieber says was a trademark move she learned from Clinton, plus a good deal more. No doubt Mona Lisa had a teacher who inspired her to trade in the bohemian freedom of Berkeley for a crack at being one of Wellesley’s future corporate wives, so that she could become what she was meant to be all along, having been trained as a female: Mona Lisa Bieber.

Martín Gubbins

cycle 5 task 05, Martín Gubbins

Shiv Kotecha

cycle 5 task 05, Shiv Kotecha

Carlos Soto Román

cycle 5 task 05, Carlos Soto Román

Kim Rosenfield


Ed Steck

cycle 5 task 05, Ed Steck

Georgina Torello

cycle 5 task 05, Georgina Torello

Alli Warren

Joey Yearous-Algozin