CYCLE TWO started on June 1, 2011

List of participants: Andy Sterling, Astrid Lorange, Carol Mirakove, Chris Alexander, Eddie Hopely, J. Gordon Faylor, John Paetsch, Kristin Lucas, Josef Kaplan, Kieran Daly, Kim Rosenfield, Klaus Killisch, Kristen Gallagher, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Lawrence Giffin, Patrick Lovelace, Robert Fitterman, Sabine Herrmann, Sam Tierney, Stacy Doris, Vanessa Place. • photo above: Sabine Herrmann, Task 08, Jesus & Tequila

TASK 01: blindfold
Lanny Jordan Jackson
responses + Carol Mirakove

TASK 02: This is inadmissible.
Vanessa Place
responses + Patrick Lovelace

TASK 03: Tribute
Sabine Herrmann
responses+ Patrick Lovelace

TASK 04: Art for a non-human.
Lawrence Giffin

TASK 05: A Grammar
Astrid Lorange
responses + Carol Mirakove, Patrick Lovelace

TASK 06: Deathbed Confession
Andy Sterling

TASK 07: Durational Aesthetics
J. Gordon Faylor
responses + Patrick Lovelace

TASK 08: Jesus & Tequila
Kristen Gallagher

TASK 09: Talk to a cop.
Josef Kaplan

TASK 10: Finger Geometry
Kristin Lucas

TASK 11: [SUBTRACTION/you have to stop doing anything” Oct 8, 2011 – Let’s stop everything for a few days and see if you feel better, and then if you do, we’ll I just need to Stop Doing Anything for awhile. to cutJul 26, 2011 – You can’t afford to go another day doing anything]
John Paetsch
responses + Patrick Lovelace

TASK 12: How does one wrap up a year’s worth of illuminating thought and practice? How to say goodbye to what has been and how to shift our gaze toward what is to come?  My friends, that time is nigh: a time to reflect, a time to laugh, a time to cry, in other words, a time for everything under heaven. It is always bittersweet to traverse the threshold of the final chapter.  And yet, it is our hope, no, our responsibility, to frame what has been, so that we can look ahead toward what will be.  Hence, the vital nature of our task: you are hereby commended to construct a preface for the work of Collective Task. May God be with you!
Kim Rosenfield and Robert Fitterman
Robert Fitterman, Kristen GallagherLawrence Giffin, Sabine Herrmann, Eddie Hopely, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Josef Kaplan, Klaus Killisch, Astrid Lorange, Patrick Lovelace, Kim Rosenfield, Andy Sterling