CYCLE ONE started on March 1, 2006

List of participants: Robert Fitterman, Tim Davis, Mónica de la Torre, Stay Doris, Carol Mirakove, Yedda Morrison, Kim Rosenfield, Lisa Sanditz, Rod Smith, Juliana Spahr, Sabine Herrmann, Klaus Killisch. Volume 1 of Collective Task was designed by Dirk Rowntree and published by Patrick Lovelace Editions.
Responses are on cycle 1 web-site and cycle 1 book.

TASK 01: Create a piece around your first purchase of the month of March.
Robert Fitterman

TASK 02: What is the mainstream, where is the mainstream? How does it work?
What or else shall we do about the mainstream? Talk to me.
Tim Davis

TASK 03: A pin for the many rallies and marches in favor of the rights of illegal immigrants reads: TODOS SOMOS ILEGALES. (All of us are illegal.) Take the issue on.
Mónica de la Torre

TASK 04: exemplify torture.
Stacy Doris

TASK 05: I have in recent months been thinking about the import of celebratory energy in sustaining efforts towards radical change. We witnessed this phenomenon in the antiapartheid revolution and in current movements throughout Latin America. Recently, I felt it in the May Day demonstration in NYC’s Union Square. Bring fiesta to your revolution.
Carol Mirakove

TASK 06: Get on your safety gear (or take it off) and wade your geographic particulars. Read these before you head out….
Yedda Morrison

TASK 07: Send me 50 dollars.
Kim Rosenfield

TASK 08: My October idea is to honor the spirit of Freecycle. That is, all materials used in the project must be used, borrowed, bartered or stolen. No money can change hands for the materials of your project. If you are someone who already freecycles materials in your usual practice, whether it is physical, linguistic, musical or other, please freecycle with a new material or in a new methodology.
Lisa Sanditz

TASK 09: One act.
Rod Smith

TASK 10: Search and browse 4,500 news sources updated continuously.
Juliana Spahr