Collective Task 3-4

It represents our third printed collection and contains responses from both Cycles #3 and #4. Because we now have over 30 participants and this catalogue represents 2 years of responses, we have asked each artist/poet for only one artwork. The catalogue is tabloid style with 32 pages. It was curated by Laura Boggia and designed by Klaus Killisch.

Collective Task 2

This volume is 400 pages of text and images by 20+ poets and artists (including Lanny Jordan Jackson, Kim Rosenfield, Astrid Lorange, Klaus Killisch, Kieran Daly, Josef Kaplan, Kristen Gallagher, Vanessa Place, Lawrence Giffin, and many, many more). It is now available for $20. Make PayPal payments to rmf1 [at] nyu [dot] edu (and be sure to include your mailing address) or send checks to Robert Fitterman, 1 Washington Square Village 16-O, New York, NY 10012

Ct book 2

Collective Task 1

conceived by Rob Fitterman, designed by Dirk Rowntree, 2010
featuring: Tim Davis, Monica de la Torre, Stacy Doris, Rob Fitterman, Sabine Herrmann, Klaus Killisch, Carol Mirakove, Yedda Morrison, Kim Rosenfield, Lisa Sanditz, Rod Smith, Juliana Spahr

book 1

To order a printed cycle one book contact:
Small Press Distribution
or make out check to R. Fitterman $40 (free shipping)
Publisher: Patrick Lovelace Editions
PubDate: 3/11/2010
ISBN: 9780981897028