founded in 2006, is an international group of artists and writers with over 25 participants. The premise is simple: each month a randomly chosen member of the group assigns a task to be completed within the month by each member of the collective. At the end of a 12-month cycle, we publish these responses as a book and on our website. The responses have varied in terms of medium (video, sound, text, image) and length, but one consistent feature is that the responses must be completed, more or less, within the 30 day period.

The first Collective Task volume was published in 2009.  The second cycle of Collective Task (curated by Lanny Jordan Jackson) was completed in 2011 and was recently published in 2014 (to order this volume, return to the main menu). For the our 3rd cycle, many of the same members have continued, and we invited several new members, including: Sam Winston (UK), Rodrigo Rey Rosa (Guatemala), Suzanne Treister (UK), Erica Baum, and Madeline Gins.

In 2012 we performed at MoMA. We were awarded this honor through the Modern Poets Series, curated by Laura Beiles. Over 20 members of Collective Task performed (each for 3 minutes). In June 2014, the collective performed at the Berlin Poetry Festival.
Robert Fitterman
photo above: collective task @ the academy of the arts in Berlin


Maria Salgado



CT Book 2 launch & performances
December 12, 8 PM @ Postmasters Gallery in New York

Ct book 2

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